Where Words Fail, Music Speaks


Two lovely author friends – Kyra Lennon and Clare Dugmore – are editing an anthology, Where Words Fail, Music Speaks, in aid of research into cluster headaches, a debilitating condition suffered by more people than you’d think. Kyra knows at least a couple of people who suffer which inspired her to create the anthology.

And one my of stories is going to be included!

The cover reveal is scheduled for 14 March, and we would be so grateful if you are able to share it on your blog/website. The sign up form is right here!

Thank you!



28 thoughts on “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

  1. Hi Annalisa – congratulations to Kyra and Clare for setting up this opportunity. Cluster headaches – must be horrible to have to deal with … while so often words do fail, yet music can speak and get through … good luck to you all – cheers Hilary


  2. When I was pregnant, I got a horrible headache with visual disturbances. I thought I was having a stroke, the doctors said it was a cluster migraine. They went away after giving birth, but wow…I’d hate to have had to deal with those for a lifetime.


  3. Congrats on story inclusion. Very cool. I’ve been lucky – never a headache person. But my sympathy to such pain.


    1. I used to get really painful sharp headaches that would leave me immobile for 20 seconds or so, in agony, but they’d pass and I’d be fine. That hasn’t happened for a long time. I can’t imagine bearing the pain for longer than that.


  4. Congrats, Annalisa. I used to get cluster headaches as well. I rarely get them now, but every now and then. I was on medication for it for years.


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