Slip-sliding away

Good morning, lovely people! What a great day. The sun is shining, and it’s just above freezing. On our walk this morning, the grass was solid with thick frost, the river was mirror-still, and there was a beautiful river mist clinging to the valley and edge of Plymouth.

There are no photos, because it was far too cold to take my gloves off so I could operate the camera. So here’s a picture of Artoo before we left, at the moment he’d given up hope of ever going for a walk ever again…


I tend to spend these walks thinking about my writing plan for the day, and today I was completely overwhelmed by all the things IΒ wantΒ to do and the time I have to do it. I have:

  • my NaNoWriMo novel to develop into a proper novel – including all those bouts of utter paranoia that it’s the worst idea in the world (which is time-consuming)
  • 4 short story competitions I want to enter within the next month, which also need writing or re-writing, and then several more over the months after that
  • to keep up with blogs I follow, new and old, because I’ve realised I’ve lost touch with some of the amazing people that have helped me so far (and probably don’t even know it). And I’m worried that my move from Blogger to WordPress means that some of them have given up on me
  • re-write a novella I re-wrote badly last year. Except, it heavily features a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship, which also happens to be be the basis of the novel I’m writing. I don’t like the idea of writing two stories which could be tucked nicely into a genre together like that – I want to do different things

As you can see, this isn’t really a to-do list, it’s an overcoming-my-issues list, which will be a lot harder.

I’d love some feedback – especially on the Blogger/Wordpress issue, and the fixation on mothers I seem to have at the moment.


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28 thoughts on “Slip-sliding away”

  1. Hi there!
    I know these issues far too well – I’ve umpteen things I could be working on next! For me, the best thing to do is to sit down and a) draw up a list of what I want to do, b) add an estimate of how long the project will take to complete and c) a pros/cons for each project (to help me work out which to do first!)
    That helps me have a concrete list and an idea of what to tackle first. Otherwise I find I can just keep on wondering about it all and do nothing.
    As for Blogger/Wordpress – I think I only know the WordPress account, so can’t comment…
    And dysfunctional mothers/daughters – I think it depends on how central that is to the plot. I mean, people write crime and in each one there’s a body (or more) and a detective – yet the books are different. Are you not wanting to write to a specific genre at all (and everything be in a different genre) or are you worried the two will be too similar?


    1. I think listing the time-frame and pros and cons is a great idea. Some of my projects are flash competition entries, so it makes sense to work on those first. Thank you.

      I don’t normally write in a specific genre, so having two similiar stories feels like I might end up trapping myself into one. I don’t chose what genre to write, the story dictates that. The dysfunctional relationships are pretty central and both lend themselves to long conversations across the kitchen table (if I’m not careful to avoid that!) I have a lot to ponder on this!


  2. Hi Annalisa – change for some is always a challenge … don’t worry – you’ve made your decision re WP … Isn’t it cold – good for you that you’re forced out … I shall walk down town later – but really should go out on the Downs … ah well … Artoo looks happy to have that extra zizz! Good luck with all things … cheers Hilary


  3. Shake it off!! Any misgivings are minor. Go look at your big prize certificate. Now pat yourself on the back. You are a writer! You can write more. As far as the move to WP, I groaned but I was not going to give up. You find out your true blog friends.
    Keep walking. Keep talking to yourself.. go with a positive spin.


    1. Yes, Ma’am πŸ™‚ Sorry I made you groan. In the past, I’ve had blogs I’ve followed move too (and I probably groaned), but like you I found a way. Thank you for sticking with me! I shall definitely keep walking, especially while the sun is shining as brightly as it is today – despite the freeze!


  4. Artoo looks comfy.

    I’ve disconnected on several levels and platforms over the years, but with a little effort, you can reconnect.


  5. Ah, I know those bouts of paranoia and the overcoming issues list well! It’s exhausting. I just try to focus as best I can, using deadlines to help guide me when I’m feeling overwhelmed, like using contest deadlines or submission windows to push me to sit down and actually work. πŸ™‚


  6. Maybe I am wrong but I feel like catching up on the blogs can be mixed into times when you cannot write or need a break from your writings. The other three should be prioritized by your passions. Whichever project of the three you care for the most should get your attention because it will be the easiest to finish. Not easy as in without effort but easy as in to get motivated to do. it appears from this observer, and trust me I suffer this all the time when in between projects, that having multiple options is worse than having no options.


  7. I’m here so happy to still follow on WP! Sometimes it is just hard to keep up with everyone and everything! Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on writing wise, some of it will depend on the time you have available over the next few weeks I would think. Deep breath you can do it though. As for the mother/daughter dysfunctional relationship . . . I wouldn’t worry too much, with lots of different writing projects of varying lengths there is likely to be some overlap. Do what feels right. You could consider finishing the novel first before going back to the Novella and see if that helps.
    Cold and frosty here too this morning.


    1. Yes, I’m working on the novel before the novella, because it’s the project I’m thinking about when I go to sleep – I think my subconscious is trying to point me in the right direction, at least πŸ™‚


  8. Your fur-baby is gorgeous! If he’s anything like my boys, he’ll cuddle up at your feet while you’re tackling your writing-issues, making things magically better πŸ™‚


  9. first, love the new look of your blog!
    and way to get moving – outside and on your writing! btw, i’ve lost touch with many because i have less time to blog, and if i don’t reach out, no one knows i’m here!
    ps – thanks for stopping by my cradle rock release party at C Lee’s blog =)


  10. See, I’m not having an ambitious writing year, so my jaw is dangling at your plans already. All I can say is, good luck! Here’s to both of us surviving 2017, and may the cheese be abundant!


  11. You have a lot planned for the year. ALl the best in getting it all done.

    In terms of WordPress, I like it. I was counseled to use WordPress because Blogger can suddenly up and disappear or hold your blog hostage. Beyond that, I don’t know how they compare side-by-side.


    1. I never had any problems like that with Blogger, and – now I’m getting to know WordPress a bit more – I think Blogger offers more choice of layout, design etc. But I wanted a fresh start when I linked this blog to my website. It’s still very much an experiment.


  12. Artoo is such a doll and I’m glad he FINALLY got to go for a walk again. πŸ˜€
    I think about writing a lot while walking too and lately I’ve finally started to feel inspired again. I’m sorry you are feeling overwhelmed but I’m sure you will get through the deadlines just taking them one at a time. And then when you’re done we will all have more fantastic stories to read!


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