Revising with Rebecca Bradley


Today, I am over on Rebecca Bradley’s blog discussing my revision process – discover what state my NaNo novel is in right now and what I’m currently drinking!

A couple of years ago, I shared my first draft process, so it was great to be able to explain my next stage. Writing down exactly how I write is quite eye-opening. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone shares my methods!


19 thoughts on “Revising with Rebecca Bradley”

  1. Hi Annalisa – interesting … and I’m sure this will be great to read about for many of us, and for looking back on … cheers on my way over = Happy Christmas and all the best for the new year … Hilary

  2. That was a great interview. Your first draft sounds a lot like my first draft. And the size of your tea mug sounds a lot like the size of my coffee mug. I wish I could speed up my process too, but alas.

    1. Thanks Jenny. I wouldn’t be without my mug now! As far as the first draft goes, I think you just have to embrace the way you do it – it’s hard enough to write, without changing how you do it 🙂

  3. I must admit that I’ve been guilty of the whole describing characters by having them look in the mirror thing; it’s always been tough for me to describe what they’re wearing and what they look like without sounding like descriptions that I’ve read in other novels. BTW, I had to put down an old inactive e-mail address, because every time I put down my regular e-mail address on WordPress blogs it links to my actual account, giving people access to it.

    1. Playing devil’s advocate a little here, but why does it matter to the story what your character is wearing? I suppose looking in a mirror works if your character is always looking in a mirror – she might be a hairdresser 😉 I think that anything goes as long as it doesn’t pull people out of the story. In my example in the post, a young girl, scared in a police cell, probably wouldn’t care what colour her hair was.

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